What’s the big idea? Without raising taxes, we can add nearly $900 million to “attract, retain, and compensate teachers and student support professionals.”

What will voters see? Because we are not raising taxes, voters will not see “SHALL TAXES BE INCREASED BY…” in all caps! Instead, voters would see the following:

Initiative 63: Shall there be a change to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning additional funding for preschool through twelfth-grade public education, and, in connection therewith, without raising the existing state income tax rate, requiring revenue collected by the state from one-third of one percent of all federal taxable income of every individual, estate, trust, and corporation, as modified by law, to be deposited in the state education fund; allowing the additional revenue to be from revenue that the state or a local school district is otherwise required to refund to taxpayers in years in which a refund is due; requiring the additional revenue to be used for attracting, retaining, and compensating teachers and student support professionals; specifying appropriations of the additional revenue do not supplant existing appropriations for public education; and requiring an annual report describing the allocation of the additional revenue?

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